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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jesus Wept! Says, 18year Old Girl Sees Micheal Jackson and a Pope in Hell...

The Pope is in Hell, a young
Ecuadorian girl, back from
the dead, swears she saw
him there
Interesting Story:
In a "Back from the Dead"
experience, a 18 year old girl
swears she was Pope John Paul
II, Michael Jackson and Selina in
Full story at ...
For a period of 23 hours, a
young Ecuadorian girl named
Angelica was shown the
Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell,
and the Return of Christ. She
witnessed Jesus weeping as He
overlooked multitudes of souls
lost forever, a world that has
rejected Him, a Church that is
mostly unprepared for Him, a
people that have stopped
witnessing to the lost, and an
entertainment industry that
even lures children to satan. She
witnessed many of our
esteemed cultural icons
suffering in the Pit; singers,
entertainers, and even a pope.
Angelica was also shown how
the Kingdom of Heaven is all
wonderfully prepared and
ready, an unimaginable glorious
place, where no evil exists.
Though Jesus is ONLY coming
back for a Holy People, and
many of God's children will NOT
be ready on that day, and will be
left behind in a world that will
fall apart. Less..

More details coming soon.

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